March 26 • 08:55 PM

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  • Does CWD drive whitetail population decline?

    by John Ozoga
    Currently, there is no treatment for CWD, and no sure way of diagnosing it based on appearance or observable behavior in live animals during early stages of infection....more»
  • Earning a “Masters” Degree in... Jigging

    by Mark Romanack
    The Detroit River’s epic spring walleye run comes but once a year. Those anglers who have experienced the Detroit River when it’s red hot can attest that the bite is epic....more»
  • Setups that work... TURKEY DECOYING

    The trick to decoying gobblers can be very simple, yet complex and requires you pay attention to details and use some savvy setup tricks if you want to fill your wild turkey tag…
    by Kenny Darwin
    Forget those large spreads with multiple decoys, you are not decoying geese. Get rid of those old turkey decoys that are ugly, have faded paint, lack feather detail and have body positions like the statues ...more»

    by Tom Lounsbury
    A fast growing winter pastime is hunting for fox (both red and gray), coyote and where legal (refer to the MDNR Hunting Guide), bobcat. This is referred to today as "predator hunting", but being old school, ...more»
  • Jigging Lessons for Motown ‘Eyes

    Tips and tricks for catching Detroit River walleyes that you can use anywhere...
    by By Mark Martin
    March is a frustrating month for avid walleye anglers; especially as its days wane. While the first half usually has ice safe enough to fish upon, the latter part will see deteriorating conditions....more»

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Tie One On

Mark Romanack - 2017-02-01
When it’s time to tie one on, fishing lures that is, it’s important to know how different lures and terminal tackle function best. Attaching a fishing lure to a fishing line improperly is ...more»

Elk antler from 1800s found?

Randy Jorgensen - 2017-02-01
It was just another day of checking the traps for Rob Sarka, 34, of Imlay City. Rob’s been trapping for a few years now, mostly beaver and muskrat. It’s a hobby for him and he takes great ...more»

One incredible December archery hunt in Michigan’s out of doors

Dr. Steve Schmidt - 2017-02-01
I am a lifelong hunter here in Michigan. My aunt and uncle got me into hunting whitetails at the age of 12 and I have been hooked ever since. I grew up hunting in the Grayling area....more»

Late-Ice Walleyes

Mike Gnatkowski - 2017-02-01
Walleye that have been lethargic and semi-active during the dead of winter awaken as the days begin to lengthen and walleye sense that spring isn’t that far away....more»

Coyotes aren’t fun anymore!

Darryl Quidort - 2017-02-01
I’ve tent camped and hunted "Out West" many times where I’ve always enjoyed the coyote serenade each evening at sundown. The yips, yipes, and howls always made the trip into a genuine Western ...more»


George Rowe - 2017-01-01
Those who fish through the ice around Central and Northern Michigan are learning that they can catch trout more easily and more abundantly every year....more»

Young women's words of wisdom from a deer blind

Patrick Bevier - 2017-01-01
One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an educator is to listen to the delightful, sometimes profound, and often humorous things that children say (I’m thinking of a Kindergartener at my school ...more»

Have you seen this bird?

Randy Jorgensen - 2017-01-01
The poster reads... Have you seen this bird? Last seen: Rural areas in midwestern states. Description: Iridescent green head, white ring around neck, copper and gold feathers, red wattle, long tail and ...more»


Mark Martin - 2017-01-01
The thought of setting foot upon a frozen waterway does not set well with certain people. The only ice they even consider are of the cube variety floating around a glass full of their favorite beverage....more»

Marquette’s ALBINO DEER

Richard P. Smith - 2017-01-01
Anyone who is fortunate enough to see one of Marquette’s growing number of albino whitetails can thank recently retired DNR veterinarian Dr. Steve Schmitt for their presence....more»
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