June 25 • 01:06 AM

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    Advance spinner/crawler tactics
    by Michael Veine
    For years spinner/crawler rigs, otherwise known as crawler harnesses, have been my go-to walleye trolling presentation. Reason being; they produce more consistently in wide variety of conditions than ...more»
  • Black bear expert speaks at DNR forum

    by Richard P. Smith
    A good crowd turned out to hear what world-renowned black bear expert Dr. Lynn Rogers from Ely, Minnesota had to say about the animals at Fisher Hall on Michigan Technological University’s campus ...more»
  • The TICKing Time Bomb

    by Tom Huggler
    If you’ve ever combed a tick from your hunting dog’s coat, you know about the involuntary shiver that creeps up your back. There are worse feelings, like flicking away a tick crawling over ...more»
  • DNR releases deer hunter study report

    The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, in collaboration with DJ Case & Associates, recently released a report on a nearly yearlong study of Michigan deer hunters....more»
  • Pick Your Port...Pick Your Tactic

    by Mark Romanack
    It’s fair to say that Michigan’s Great Lakes trout and salmon fishery is currently experiencing a bit of a funk. A diminishing forage base and subsequent reductions in salmon and steelhead ...more»

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White Bass just for the fun of it

By Mark Romanack - 2017-05-01
Spring is a busy time for those who enjoy getting a tug on the end of their fishing line. The month of May in Michigan is prime time for targeting a wealth of popular fish species including stream trout, ...more»

Experience Michigan’s trails

With spring now sprung, a sleeping Michigan giant is waking up — and now is a great opportunity for residents and visitors to see it. Much like Gulliver, tied down to the ground by the Lilliputians, ...more»

Saginaw Bay’s hot spring walleye bite

By Michael Veine - 2017-05-01
Saginaw Bay serves up some of its best fishing of the year during the spring. If this year is anything like last year with an early spring, then the fishing on the Bay will start heating up in late March ...more»


By Joe Lunkas - 2017-05-01
Where will the best be in Michigan? The answers to this burning question are made much less predictable and more questionable by the unusual weather patterns we continue to experience....more»

Get in the ‘GOBBLER ZONE’

By Kenny Darwin - 2017-05-01
Wild turkeys are wary birds and sometimes it seems like you simply cannot get close enough for a shot. They certainly have unbelievable instants and perhaps keener eyesight that any other bird in Michigan....more»

Early spring panfish

Jack Payne - 2017-04-01
Ice out and early spring is perhaps the best time to panfish. Nothing beats cabin fever better than hauling in a plump perch, a platter size crappie or a bull bluegill....more»

My Big Buck Story!

Jesse Blake - 2017-04-01
Each November for the last 10 years or so, I spend four or five days in Hillsdale County hunting some of most beautiful farmland in Michigan with my buddy Jude....more»

The Great Lakes' Super Slam

Mark Romanack - 2017-04-01
April marks the unofficial beginning of the Great Lakes trout and salmon fishery. Literally the moment that the ice melts around boat launches, enthusiasts are splashing fishing boats and the games begin! ...more»

State record crossbow buck

Richard P. Smith - 2017-04-01
Rural Allegan County resident Trent Smith bagged a pending state record typical crossbow buck on October 22 in Allegan County. After being panel measured by three Commemorative Bucks of Michigan (CBM) ...more»

Successful Detroit River walleye techniques

Brian Miller - 2017-04-01
There is nothing like pulling up on your rod and feeling that infamous weight. It’s the sluggish weight of a walleye which causes us to quickly set the hook....more»
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